CUFC Player - Soccer Trials in Germany

Chestermere United player Omran Hammoud, made a great impact in England in early 2016 while playing for a CUFC & GIS Partnership team during a seven day Academy Tour. Omran was subsequently contacted by a European scout and offered the opportunity for a month long trial with professional clubs in Nüremberg, Germany, as four German teams were interested in Chestermere United's former midfielder.

The clubs that are targeting Omran are SpVgg Ansbach, FSV Erlangen-Bruck, SV Seligenporten and SpVgg Jahn Forchheim in the Lundesliga division. and during his initial week of training, one of the German clubs will take Hammoud and assess his ability and identify his strengths and weaknesses. The coaches will determine Hammoud's level throughout his first week of the month long trial, and will decide whether to move him to a higher level club or to keep him at the initial club for the remainder of the months training period. After the trails are completed Omran may be offered a professional contract if his skill and abilities are at the level the clubs are looking for.

During the month long trial with the one of the partner teams, Omran will be an official player on their roster and the club will assess his capabilities in certain areas of the game. Hammoud's ability to cross into the box with success, to play with one & two touch, quickness of overlap runs, compactness defensively, and his movement on and off the ball including man marking will be the main areas of focus during the month long trip.

"During his career with CUFC, Omran wasn't always the easiest player to coach", laughed Dave Clarke, Director of Coaching. "He was a typical teenager at times but was always addicted to soccer and his love of the game was evident for all to see. His passion to improve and drive to excel made him who he is and we are all excited to see him succeed in Germany."

Omran played for Chestermere United FC for many years and was until recently playing on our Adult men's team. His dedication to the sport of soccer and his love of the game has realized this exciting opportunity and CUFC wishes Omran all the success in the world as he flies off to Germany on Friday for the next chapter in his soccer career.


Update - June 30th 2017

Omran has been in Germany for week already and time has gone by quickly for the Chestermere United player. He has been training so far with the triaist group and early last week was originally selected to go on trial at SVG Quelle Furth. However, the coaches from a higher level team liked Omran and he has now gone to DJK Don Bosco Bamberg where he met with the first team and trained with their group. Omran has trained with them this week although had a spell of sickness for one session and was advised to rest for the match the following day. Omran has admitted that he struggled at first with the language barrier as the coach didn't speak much English but the other players helped him and translated so it all worked out okay. 

Omran had a good performance in the first game of the trial period but his team unfortunately lost the game. Hammoud admitted that the game in Germany is much faster and more technical and players have to adapt to the pace of 1 & 2 touch play to be quicker on and off the ball.

"Germany is a beautiful place, the people are fanatic and the experience so far is unreal" said Hammoud, "I have a really busy schedule, so its hard to reply to everyone that has been contacting me, but please let everyone know their messages are great to receive".

The next game for Omran will be on Canada Day, July 1st, and we all wish him the best of luck. Keep up the good work Omran.