Hallway Marshall Program RVS Schools

A Hallway Marshall program at the various facilities that we use for practices is in effect as directed by Rocky View Schools.

Each team is required to assign a responsible adult to supervise the other adults and any siblings that are waiting in the hallway at practices. If you have people waiting in the hallway, then someone needs to take responsibility for the group.

We do NOT want to lose facilities, so please adhere to the following rules:

  • We cannot block locked doors open. If someone is late, leave a responsible adult at the door to open it.
  • We must stay within the designated area for our practice. Parents and siblings CANNOT wonder into other areas of the schools.
  • Outdoor shoes must be changed at the entrance to the buildings for all participants, parents and siblings. NO exceptions. If they didnt bring a change of shoes, then they go in socks or barefoot.
  • Siblings must be supervised at all times.
  • Do not ring the door-bell over and over. If you are going to be late, advise the coach so that someone can wait at the door for you.
  • Locked schools will only open the doors 5 minutes ahead of time. Gather together before that time at the door and be ready to enter.
  • Exit the facility at the correct time. Just because you may be the last ones in the gym doesnt mean that you get to stay longer.
  • No Striking the balls against the walls in the schools.
  • No food or drink inside the facilities (except water).
  • If you spill water, clean it up immediately.
  • Leave the facility as clean or cleaner then when you arrived.
  • If there is any damage prior to your practice, report it to the custodian and to the CUFC Office.
  • If your team damages anything, report it to the custodian and to the CUFC Office.
  • Please DO NOT be rude or disrespectful to the staff at the facility.
  • Do not allow activities that wouldnt be acceptable in your own home (example: standing on tables).