Equality on every level is at the core of our philosophy. We focus on enhancing our players’ self-esteem, confidence, emotional development and character. We care about creating a safe environment and trouble-free experience for our members and guests.


Belong! Chestermere United FC is made up of families who come together to make us what we are. We have pride in what we are building and a strong sense of loyalty to our Club. By carrying this with us on and off the field, we share what we have and foster a spirit of belonging within our community.


Soccer’s impact runs deeper than the time on the pitch. The game has the power to unify nations and has brought together people around the world by breaking down international and cultural barriers. In many places, life revolves around soccer, and we ask our members to always be ambassadors of the game.


We value strong, open, honest and positive relationships. Always conduct yourself with integrity when interacting with players, parents, coaches and officials. Be a good listener and communicator, as it is not just what we say, but how we say it that has an impact on others.


Earn it! No matter what, we must be respectful of everyone. While we celebrate our individual and Club successes, we should always treat others as we would want to be treated. Be responsible for your actions and inspire the same in others.


We believe in working hard and putting in the extra effort to achieve our goals. Two things in life that we can always control are EFFORT and ATTITUDE. While we strive to exceed our own high standards, we must remain dedicated to the Chestermere United Way and never lose our sense of identity.


Create the WOW effect. By encouraging creativity and individual expression in our players and coaches, we push the boundaries of convention. Innovation keeps us moving forward.


Why just be, when you can be better! We know that every player has more potential than they realize. We need to take on new challenges, learn from mistakes, and grow together. Through encouragement and Long Term Player Development, we will grow our athletes to be all they can be.


There is no greatness without passion; it is the fuel that drives us forward. We want to ignite passion in our players, as it is contagious and exciting. Knowing that everyone feels the same spark has a tremendous impact on the larger vision for the Club.


Let them PLAY! Our players ARE Chestermere United, so it is crucial that we provide a fun-filled environment that creates positive and memorable experiences.