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Chestermere United FC is a volunteer run organization for promoting soccer for all ages in the Chestermere, Strathmore, Langdon, Indus and Calgary area. We are a very proactive club and actively pursues the best practices for all aspects of the game, including player skills, tactics, nutrition and injury prevention techniques.

Chestermere United FC believe that coach education is vital to the growth and development of our soccer athletes. All our existing coaches have minimum NCCP certification as well as CPIC clearance and are required to take the CMSA Respect in Soccer course. In addition all coaches are encouraged to attain higher levels of training both Provincially and Nationally.

Our fantastic group of volunteers are working with soccer players of all age groups, providing them with age appropriate level of coaching and sharing the culture and love for the game.

This makes Chestermere United FC one of the premier soccer clubs in the Calgary area!

Stoke City International Academy Partner Club.


Partnership with Calgary Yacht Club 


CUFC has partnered with the Calgary Yacht Club based in Chestermere with the intention to jointly promote sporting activity for all our members and residents of Chestermere and the surrounding areas.

We believe that our new working relationship will enable both organizations to grow and develop their programs and jointly facilitate the promotion of Club activities.

All CUFC members are expected to follow all the rules and policies of the Calgary Yacht when utilizing any part of the premises.

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If fields are closed, it will be posted after 4PM on weeknights and 2 hours prior to games or practices on weekends.