Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Register?

There is a “Registration” section on the website, that is available for you to register online once you create a login profile or you can print the form and do it in person. Please click “Member Area” for new & existing members. All members are responsible for keeping their registration fees in Credit.

What Are Seasons?

There is an Outdoor soccer season and an Indoor soccer season. Outdoor is April - August and is played outside on grass or turf fields Indoor is October - March and is played inside in the Soccer Centers in Calgary or surrounding area.

How Much Does It Cost?

Outdoor & Indoor season fees vary from season to season and from year to year. We endeavor to keep our fees as low as possible but we cannot control the price rises set by soccers governing bodies, to which every club has to pay. Our current fees can be found on our website under Soccer Info under Indoor or Outdoor soccer. All members are responsible for keeping their registration fees in Credit

How Do I Pay?

Payment can be made online when registering with “Visa” & “Mastercard” ONLY. You can also register by printing off a registration Form from our website and pay by “Cash” or “Cheque” in the CUFC Office or by sending to our mailing address. If you chose to mail registration form please send us an email to let us know

Who Do I Make The Cheque Out To?

Cheques are made out to "Chestermere United FC"

Are There Single Gender Teams?

Yes - We strive to keep all our teams gender specific. Some of our House League teams have been mixed gender, and this depends upon the number of registrants.

Do I Need To Buy My Child Their Own Uniform?

You will need to purchase a White Game jersey and a Black Practice/Alternate Jersey for your child but these jersey's can be worn throughout their time at Chestermere United as the number travels with them. Jersey's can be purchased through our online Jersey Store on our website You will need your own soccer “Black” shorts, “Black” socks, shoes and shin-pads. Shin Pads are Mandatory - Players are not permitted to play or Practice without them.

Where Do I Buy Equipment?

You can purchase soccer clothing at any sports store, there is no requirement for it to come from a specific place. You may also go to “Strikers Soccer Shop” 16th Ave & 68th St Strip Mall, where Chestermere United has specific team apparel if you wish to provide your child with additional items. This is NOT mandatory.

Are Players Expected To Have Matching Gear?

Yes, all shorts and socks must be “Black” in colour and be soccer specific. There is NO requirement for your child’s clothing or equipment to match a specific Brand. We do however, recommend that you purchase Adidas brands through “Strikers” as we can get items discounted if you are from Chestermere United FC.

What is CMSA, ASA, CSA & CLSF?

CMSA - Calgary Minor Soccer Association (The regular league our teams play in)
ASA - Alberta Soccer Association (Province governing body & Provincial tournaments)
CLSF - Canal Links Soccer Federation (This is the soccer area our club belongs too)
CSA - Canadian Soccer Association (National governing body for soccer across Canada)

How Long Are Seasons?

The Outdoor season begins in mid April and finishes in Mid August. Indoor Season begins at the beginning of November and finishes in mid March the following year. Different age groups & levels can finish earlier dependent upon their CMSA league & ASA Provincial Qualification.

When Are Practices?

Practices can be held any night of the week and are from 6:00 to 10:00pm dependent upon age group. Please have your child at the facility 15 minutes prior to start of practice, so start time is prompt.
Schedules for Indoor practices can be found at
Schedules for outdoor are at the coaches & team discretion & will be put on the website.

Where Are Practices?

Outdoor Practices are held at the soccer fields at the Southern end of the Chestermere High on Highway 791 South of Trans Canada Hwy.
Indoor Practices are held in school gymnasiums around Chestermere & surrounding areas.

How Many Games Can My Child Expect?

Teams will typically play 14-16 Games per season both Indoor & Outdoor plus Provincial, City Finals or other tournament games.

How Often Are Games?

Games are usually every week and dependent upon age and tier, they can be twice per week.

Am I Expected To Stay For The Practices?

It is mandatory for parents of U10 and below teams to stay at practice as our coaches are not babysitters. (Unless special permission is given by the CUFC Office) For the well-being of girls teams, a female parent is mandated to stay for every practice if there is not a female team staff member present. This can be the same parent or it can be on a rotating basis. You are welcome to stay to watch, but no comments or interference is allowed unless asked for by the coach.

Am I Encouraged To Remain/Watch/Participate For Games

Everyone is encouraged attend your child’s games. This is where the players demonstrate the skills they have acquired during practice. Please encourage the players but coaching from the sidelines is NOT permitted at any time. A female adult is mandatory at all Girls teams games to sit on the bench for the well-being of the girls & is needed to ensure the games can be played. There is no training needed for this.

Is There A Car-Pooling Sign Up For Games

Car pooling is NOT arranged by the club but may be organized by parents of each team and is encouraged in accordance with the CUFC Welfare Policy.

Is There A Volunteer Commitment Required?

While there is no formal commitment required at present, volunteering is what keeps the club alive and healthy. Each coach is a volunteer and each team is mandated by the club to have a “Team Manager” for the team to offload some of the responsibilities. This is mainly for communications within the team and the league. Linesmen are volunteer positions needed at every Outdoor Home game to assist the referee with throw in decisions. There is no training required for this and it can be a different adult each game. While everyone is busy, your volunteer efforts are appreciated and needed to keep things running smoothly. The club needs volunteers for many issues, from events to co-ordination activities. Please let your coach know what you can help with at any time.

Where Are All The Fields?

Each field that your child plays during the CMSA Season on can be found on at Follow the links at the top of the screen to the age group and tier that your child is playing. Then select “Schedule” to find the next fixture. This will have a link to google maps at the side to show the location of the next game. If you are unsure please ask the Team Manager or the Coaching staff.

How Far Should I Expect To Travel?

During the Outdoor CMSA season games are all with the Calgary surrounding areas including Airdire, Cochrane & Okotoks. Indoor CMSA league games are all within the Calgary City limits. Games are played at the Calgary Soccer Centre, Genesis Centre NE Calgary and Calgary West Soccer Centre. Provincial Championship games & Tournaments can be anywhere within Alberta & beyond Travel expenses are NOT included to & from any games.

What Should My Child Bring With Them To Practices/Games For Food or Drink?

Please ensure your child is wearing sunscreen when necessary, brings bug spray, a light coat and has at least two large water bottles with them for practice and games. They will need to be comfortable and well hydrated because she will not leave the bench or the field during games or practices. Female players with long hair are required to tie it up with “Pro-Wrap” ONLY - NO BOBBY PINS

How Is This Different From My Recreation Experience With Soccer?

Chestermere United strives to be a professional soccer club providing international experience. As such there is more structure than you may have found in your recreation experience and more independence expected of your child. They are responsible for listening to her coaches during both practices and games, attending on time and being prepared to play or practice. You are expected to cheer them on but please NO sideline coaching. It is important to your child’s experience that she only receive direction from her coaches.

What Happens If It Rains For Practice?

Games & Practices will go ahead unless the field is closed. This will be posted on the club website by 4:00pm weekdays and 9:00am weekends. If the fields are closed then there is NO practice or game but please expect that your child may be playing when there is rain. Dress accordingly please as there is no shelter on the fields. Players should have rain Jackets, hats and gloves for the outdoor season.

How Will I Know If A Game Is Cancelled?

You will be notified by e-mail or phone call depending on what the coach/manager of your team sets up. Filed Closures can be found on the Home Page of the Chestermere United FC website

Is There A Place For Me To Check On Field Closures For Bad Weather?

Field status for CUFC Outdoor facilities can be found at

Do I Need To Contact Anyone If My Child Cannot Attend A Game/Practice?

YES - Please notify your coach by phone & Email, if your child cannot attend either a practice or a game, as this may affect their ability to play. The sooner that notification can happen the better able the coaches/managers are able to find a replacement if necessary and ensure a game can be played. Your coach will provide you their e-mail or phone number so you can get in touch with him.

DO I Have To Contact If My Child Will Be Late For Games Or Practice?

YES - Please call the coaches if you are going to be late to a game or practice.

Who Will Be My Child's Coach?

Teams are determined by the Club and are based on ability levels. All our coaches are soccer trained volunteers, all have CPIC police clearance and NCCP Training. The coaches for each team are appointed by the Club. If there are enough players register each season to have multiple teams at each age group and gender then evaluations will be required to determine where your child is placed.

Can I Choose The Coach Or Which Team My Child Will Be On?

NO - The club appoints the coaches and evaluations determine the team they play on Requests to play up an age group or play with friends are at the Clubs discretion. Requests for players to play together can be made on the understanding that both players will be placed on the team of the lowest skill level player.

Are The Kids Grouped By Skill Level Or Some Other Kind Of Measure?

Each child has to be evaluated on their skill level to provide them with the best soccer experience and they are placed on an appropriate team as a result. These teams play in different Tiers within CMSA. Players in the CUFC House League are NOT grouped by ability level

Does My Child Have To Try Out For Soccer?

NO - But we do hold evaluations if we have enough players for more than one team in an age group. The team level they are placed on is determined by the evaluation process to ensure that their Chestermere United experience the best one. If you do not attend evaluations you will be placed on the lowest level until we can determine what team you are best suited for. This will be done at early practices and Pre-season games for U10+ teams.

Will My Contact Information Be Published So I Can Contact Other Parents and Vice Versa?

NO - But you will be e-mailed from time to time on updates from the club or with information from your coach/manager. You may chose give your contact details to other parents if you so wish.

Are There Dates I Need To Know About To Properly Plan My Summer?

YES - Because of the affiliation with ASA & CLSF Chestermere United has a very good chance of playing in Provincial Tournaments at the end of the regular season. Every team from U12-U18 is expected to participate in qualifying as necessary and at Provincial Tournaments for their age and level. Dates for Post Season play are listed under the Indoor or Outdoor season website pages.

What Are Provincial Tournaments?

These are Alberta Soccer Association end of season tournaments for Outdoor & Indoor soccer that take place over a weekend at the end of the regular soccer season. Teams from all over the Province of Alberta compete at these tournaments and this is considered to be the Pinnacle of tournament soccer in the Province. The Tournaments are for U12 - U18 Boys & Girls teams from Tier 1 - Tier 4

How Do We Qualify For Provincials?

Chestermere United qualifies through or district CLSF, NOT through our league standing in CMSA. Your team maybe required to participate in playoff games, dependent on the number of teams in our district that declare their intention to go to Provincials at your age group and level.

Why Do We Have To Qualify?

This is because we do not have a district wide league, as CLSF covers Chestermere United FC, Strathmore Minor Soccer Association, Langdon Soccer House League and CRSA Soccer. All U12+ Tier 1 to Tier 4 competitive teams have the option to go to Provincials, therefore if two or more teams declare the same tier & at the same age group, playoff games are required to determine who goes.

Are Provincial Tournament Fees Included?

Entry fees ONLY for One (1) tournament per team per season for U10+ teams are funded by CUFC. All other tournaments and travel expenses are funded by the individual teams.

Where Are Provincials?

The locations for the Provincial Tournaments are determined by ASA and are not released until nearer the date of the tournament. They can be found at on the ASA website by clicking here.

When Are Provincials?

These are at the end of the regular Outdoor or Indoor seasons. Outdoor are over different weekends dependent on Tier & Age & are usually Mid July - Mid August Indoor are on the same weekend usually around Mid March. Dates for Provincials can be found on the website page for the respective Indoor or Outdoor Season.

Are There Other Tournaments?

U10 Teams play in CMSA City Finals which are held in Calgary at the end of the regular season. We also encourage all our teams to go to as many tournaments as possible to expose the players to new and exciting challenges. Tournaments have to be approved by the Club prior to registration. Teams can arrange their own with permission and we have sent teams to other Provinces & Internationally as well as to other cities in Alberta. Entry fees ONLY for One (1) tournament per team per season for U10+ teams are funded by CUFC (Including Provincials). All other tournaments and travel expenses are funded by the individual teams.

Are There Any Restrictions With Game I Should Know About?

Your child is required to remove all jewelry and if they have piercings, they MUST BE removed to avoid having them accidentally caught on something during a game. Tape is NOT permitted. Your child MUST also have shin-guards and appropriate soccer clothing on for all games. As well, long hair must be worn up & tied with ONLY “Pro-wrap” or equivalent, so that it will tear off easily if caught. Bobby pins & headbands are NOT permitted. Player ID Cards are mandatory at every CMSA game for U12+ players. Players who do NOT have the ID cards at the game may NOT be able to play (U10 players do not currently require Player ID Cards)

What Are Player Cards?

These are photo identity cards that have to be purchased from CMSA. They are mandatory for all players U12-U18 and MUST be presented to the referee before every game to prove who the players are. Players are NOT allowed to play in games without their ID Card. Player cards last for 5 years.

Where And When Can I Get My Player Card?

CMSA has set dates that are published on their website prior to each season. You can book an appointment online and go to their venues to obtain your card.

What Are Rosters?

These are the formal lists of players on every team that plays join CMSA or competes at a Tournament. They are submitted to the governing bodies (CMSA, ASA & CLSF) and this mandates who is allowed to play on each team. These rosters have to be submitted to the referee prior to every game and ONLY those eligible on the sheets are allowed to play.

How Do I Know If My Child Is "Ineligible" To Play

The club sends out by email, a link to the CMSA website that has a “Player Waiver Form” for every player to sign. You follow the link on the email and then tick the box and submit the form after reading the waiver information. “Proof of Age” is required by CMSA for every player to prove they are playing at the correct age group. Without both of these items your child will be “Ineligible” to play in games & it will be shown on the roster. Practices are okay. CUFC will endeavour to contact all players to arrange their eligibility.

What Is Proof Of Age?

The club needs photographic evidence of an official document, usually the Alberta Healthcare Card, which we send to CMSA to prove your child’s age. This can also be a passport or similar official document that details the players name and Date of Birth.

Is There A Wind Up Day Like In Recreation?

YES - Each team will have the opportunity to arrange and end of season wind up/presentation night. We also have an end of season Mini Festival at the end of each House League season. We also have a “Coaches v U16/18” game at the end of each Indoor season and ask everyone to come along and show support. Due to the current and growing size of the Club it is impossible to host a Wind up for all teams together

Is There A CUFC Club Code Of Conduct?

YES - The CUFC “Code of conduct” can be found on our website or by clicking here. CMSA has its own "Code of Conduct" for Players and these "Waivers" have to be electronically signed and submitted via the email link you are sent directly by Calgary Minor Soccer. Without signing the CMSA Player Waiver players are ineligible to play in CMSA games.

What Is The Club Code Of Conduct?

These are for every CUFC member, Player, Parent & Coach and are issued on a one time sign up basis. The CUFC Code of Conduct will last for your entire time with the Club, unless updated by CUFC. All registered members are considered to to have read and understood the CUFC Code of Conduct and MUST adhere to it at all times.
Please view the CUFC Code Of Conduct on our policies page.

How Serious Are The Club Codes Of Conduct?

Chestermere United take the issue of conduct very seriously. The majority of club members behave very responsibly but there are always a minority that don’t. We are a club that strives for excellence and therefore behavior at practices and games by Players, Parents and Coaches must be impeccable at all times. Poor behavior affects all the team players not just the ones involved.

What Happens If We Break The Club Code Of Conduct?

The club has a Disciplinary Policy to address breaches in the CUFC Code of Conduct. These can be found by on our policies page. There are various stages of penalty, ranging from, sitting out part of practice or a game to expulsion from the club and details being placed on the persons soccer record, which is then sent to ASA, CMSA & CLSF.